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Olivia update

Olivia had her first lengthening in May 2008. Her surgeon is Dr. Davidson at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia (CHOP). After gaining 1.5 inches of length, Olivia developed a knee contracture. Lengthening was stopped at that time. She now wears a 3 inch shoe lift. Even though I would have loved for Olivia to gain 3 inches, it all worked out fine. Olivia was able to get her fixator removed just before she started her first day of school. It made her transition to full-day, 5 day/week preschool all that much easier. She thrives at school and all the kids and teachers love her. She’s everyone’s best friend.

Regaining the straightness of her knee after the knee contracture is a work in progress. She uses a dynasplint at night which corrected much of the contracture. And she uses a belly gutter brace periodically during the day. Now she only has about 10 degrees to go.

Olivia is scheduled for her next surgery on April 23, 2009. The plan is to lengthen her lower left leg, correct a bending of the bone in her lower left leg, and if the knee contracture is not resolved, that will be addressed as well.



Hi my name is Ana, my son Julian also sees dr. davidson @ chops for his pffd. How do you like him. Julian has pffd of his r leg with a short femur.

Hi Ana!

We absolutely love Dr. Davidson. He answers all our questions and concerns. He seems to genuinely care for our daughter and her well being. We also can not say enough good things about the hospital itself. The doctors, nurses and other staff are truly top notch.