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Julian is turning 3!!

His birthday is in March and he is growing into such a little boy!!! Active as anything and is constantly telling me to "Check it out!" Whatever "it" is...

I worry that as he grows the kids that are his age will start to pick on him. I know that there isn't really anything I can do about especially if I am not there. We were in church a few Sunday's ago and he was in his Nursery class and was bitten on the side of his face by a kid in his class. I saw the kid later after I had taken care of Julian and wiped his tears and gave him a hug. The kid I am sure is a normal height for his age, but just showed me how short Julian is compared to the rest of his class. He is as tall as the one year olds in church.

He has been fitted with new AFO's for the past few years but I think we are getting to the stage where we will have to start making decisions. I just don't know when yet. We will be seeing Dr. Schmitz here at the Atlanta Children's Hospital on the 11th of March. We have been in a wait and see situation ever since he was born.

We will see how it goes.