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My son Zach has pffd on his right leg. We met with Dr. Davidson on 5/6 and we now have a timeline for his first surgery. Zach needs an inch orthodic list (which i am attempting to accomplish) and he will have two surgeries. The first surgery is to be when he is between 4 -5 years old. Its definately different. i see my little man walking on one set of tippy toes but boy does he move. i really want to get him sandals for the summer but really dont know if i can being he needs a lift. I'm going to try. can anyone share as to what i can expect now that he is moving? should i just stick with sneakers? i really would love sandals for him any suggestions from other parents that found a sandal that worked. Thanks. Sara


hi, my daughter pheobe has pffd in her left leg and we just got her a pair of sandals yesterday that strap around the back of her foot and she does really good with them. i think any kind of sandal would work as long as they strap around the back of her foot so they will stay on. my daughter is 11 months old, and we are trying to decide on what we wanna do as far as surgery goes. we dont know if we should do amputation or if we should just leave her the way she is. whats kind of surgury does your son have to have?

his right leg is over 1 inch shorter than his left. we are talking about two surgeries when he is older. the first one at around 4-5 years old. all leg lengthenings. our old orthopedist wanted to stop the growth in his good leg but i was totally against that. we saw Dr. Davidson in CHOP in philly and he was great. there is also Dr. Paley. he is in West Palm Beach, FL. how big of difference is there between your daughter's two legs?

she has almost 5 inch difference between the two. part of that is because her left femur bone is curved in at a 90 degree angle at the top and they want to break it and peice it together straight so it is normal and that will give her about two more inches but he wont do that until she is three. ive looked up dr. paley and sent him a messege but havent heard anything back.

My son is now 2 1/2 and has about a 1.25 inch difference between his two legs. His right one is shorter. We also have the issue of a smaller right foot having only 4 toes. We gave up on sandals, flipflops or dress shoes very early on. We buy one pair of sneakers and have them fitted with a lift in Cherry Hill every 3 months. The lift alone costs $50/$60 and didn't see it worth buying more than one pair of shoes at a time.
We also see Dr. Davidson at CHOP and our son will have lengthening surgeries at well when he is a little older.
I would love to talk with you more.