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pain after super hip op

Hi all
I would appreciate any feedback on the following:

My daughter (almost 4 yrs) had her second super - hip op in Feb this year. Her spica has been off for 2 months, but still does not want to walk more than is absolutely necessary, and then only with assistance of her walker. (she wears a 10cm lift) She complains of pain, especially in her shins/calves and where the pin is in her hip?? Our doctors tell us to be patient - but with the previous super hip op she was only able to walk properly after they removed the bent pin in her hip.
I read of children of 2 years and younger being mobile and enjoying a normal childhood - my daughter still cant walk!! (she still walks like a dog on all fours around the house!)

She has been througn so much trauma already, yet can claim no progress!
Any advice, or personal experience would be most welcome as I am starting to get really despondent.
Thanks and regards
Charne Gardiner
(Morgan's mom)
South Africa

Dear Charne,

Our son had Superhip surgery in April 08 at 2 yrs old. He walked by October 08, 6 months later! At this moment, he has 11 cm of difference. He will be having lengthening by april /10 because we want him to recover mentally. He was in lot of pain. He had, literally, to sit again, crawl again, and then, walk again. When we removed the cast, he was very very sensitive to everything, to be even touched. He had lost any strength on his legs so I had to make him crawl again. I even had to stop physical therapy beacuse he was in so much pain to tolerate it. I prefered to take him to fun places to play. I took him every day for 3 months to play fast food restaurants where they have games for toddlers (stairs, tunnels, ropes) and he had to crawl again, feeling his foot. I think it made things easier for him to regain strenght.