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I am Amy and have right PFFD. My last post was focused on being positive and I just wanted to update everyone. I have now moved away from home and live on my own. I can do everything an able bodied person can do so I am coping very well. I have made friends were I am and have a full active social life. I am currently working with people who suffer from mental health problems and I am really enjoying it. I am planning on doing my PhD sometime in the near future and hopefully ending up in research. For any parents who have any worries about their child growing up different, so long as you give them all the support they need, they will be just fine. Since moving (I am now near London, UK) I have been referred to a specialist clinic for people with PFFD. I have not had any input since my operations as a child so this is a huge development for me. I am more than willing to answer any questions anyone has.