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Super Hip Surgery - So unprepared

It's been a while since i've actually taken time to post something, but life's been hectic as i'm sure most parents with PFFD babies know by now. Olivia's surgery will be taking place between April and June 2010. I just can't believe that the closer the time comes to surgery the more unprepared i'm feeling. I'm reading as much as i possibly can, but still i feel like i'm not really finding someone who can tell me what to expect when my baby girl comes home from the hospital. It's all becoming very overwhelming for me and it scares me as it feels everyone and everything around me is suffering the consequenses. All we seem to do is eat, sleep and breath PFFD.

I suffer from epilepsy and i think the thing that scares me the most is the fact that i need to keep myself healthy and as little stressed as possible in order not to get seizures, but how is that possible with what lies ahead for Olivia.

I just wish people who have never experienced the life of PFFD will stop telling me that "it will be ok" because it wont. I just keep hearing of parents who have to send their children in for one surgery after the other. When does it ever end for these children.

Please send me a mail if you have any tips on how i can better prepare myself for Olivia's upcoming super hip surgery. My address is

Lots of love

We are so glad that we had this done. Everyday confirms that it was the right things for Justin
We love Dr. Paley and are so glad he did this surgery and will justin's other ones.
Justin is 17 and the surgery maybe different depending on age. However if we can help anyone please email us at.
We would love to share what we know.
Cindy Gustavson and family