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Limb Lengthening real time Chat 8/26 (note different day of week)

What: Dr. Standard, Head of Pediatric Orthopedics at the International Center for Limb Lengthening is hosting an online chat.
Date : Wednesday, August 26
Time: 9:30 PM EDT
Temporary password: lldtest
Day of chat password must be requested by email prior to the chat
You must also register with Chatzy in order to verify your email address.

This is for parents of children with various types of limb length discrepancies, not just PFFD/CFD. No one will try to "sell" you on a particular treatment, but if you are curious about limb lengthening and treatment of limb length discrepancies in general, this is a good way to ask your questions.

If anyone is interested in coming to chat, please email me (vbrady @ directly for further information on how to register as well as for the password. Please try to email by Tuesday, because our spam filter has been quarantining some legitimate emails, that I cannot retrieve until the following day. Please include that you saw the info here so that I can keep track of who is attending and the various diagnoses.