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Super hip and super knee

I am a long standing patient of Dr Paley. I took a break after highschool to get college done with before we finish the lengthening and hip and knee replacement. I am looking for information about the procedure, surgery, and recovery of the hip and knee. Also the few I have read on here talk about a spika cast. Is this always the case? Thanks!

Our son is recovering now from super hip/ knee 3 weeks post. He is not in cast as he is 17. Dr.Paley had a brace made for him he wears it when he is up. It supports they hip pelvis area by going around on his back side and then it has straps on front to hold in place, it continues down his leg with straps around knee and then just above ankle. When he is in bed we have an A pillow that staps to his leg/legs to keep him from crossing over and dislocating the hip.
Justin thinks the recovery has gone well. He is aggitated at times as he was always on the go before and of course for the bones to heal he needs to be still more. He does get around very well with the walker, only uses wheel chair if we take him out into public. We go back in late September so maybe at that time he will be able to put weight on that leg.
This was our first surgery with Paley and we just love him. Justin will have his first lengthening in about 9 mths so any info about that would be great.
Hope this helps
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