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Wonderful results for Olivia

I can't tell you how i've been dying to tell everyone about our news, but i was waiting on confirmation from Dr Paley in America before i sent out the note to all our family and friends. So here goes.

The build up to our trip to Pretoria was quite stressfull. We were going to meet Olivia's new surgeon, Dr Mark Eltringham, as well as send Olivia off for a new set of xrays. We took our flight on Saturday 5th September, and it was fantastic. Olivia slept all the way there. We spent the weekend between family and friends and prepared ourselves for our doctor's appointment at 12:30 on Tuesday, 8th.

Our appointment with Dr Eltringham was fantastic and very informative. He looked at Oliviás xrays and gave us the feedback that we didnt'expect at all. Dewald and i sat there looking at his computer waiting for him to tell us that surgery is scheduled for next year, BUT HE DIDN"T. He showed us that Olivia's hip has formed perfectly. He examined her and told us that her knee needed some work but that it could be incorporated into her first lengthening at about 5 years of age. Her hip would require a Dega Pelvic Osteotomy but that could also be done much later. Her tibia on her right leg is slightly shorter and would also be incorporated into her first lengthening and that she would need to gain about 1.5cm's.

So at the end of our appointment we walked out of Dr Eltringham's surgery relieved and so grateful to God for showing us that miracles can happen and that through the power of prayer He showed us that we can trus HIM. Through all our excitement and tears we forgot all Oliva's xrays at the radiology department, but that was the least of our problems. We've celebrated the good news ever since and said that you to God over and over again.

So we wanted to thank each and every person who prayed for Olivia and kept her in your thoughts and prayers. We truly appreciate it. We will still continue to do fundraising for Olivia's leg surgeries and we will keep you up to date with her progress.

With all our love

Dewald, Amanda & Olivia

Glad to hear it and good luck.