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Help finding a Doctor in Lehigh Valley Area

My son is 32 years old and wears a Foot in Foot Prosthesis. He had a lenghting (with Dr. Paley) when he was 16, however, he still needs about 5 inchs. He does not want to do the lenghting again and having alot of pain walking. We are looking for a doctor in the Lehigh Valley Pa area that we can see to discuss the Syme's Amputation. We have seen several however, they do not seem to want to discuss this. Maybe because of all the surgerys. I don't know. He is working but is afraid if he does not get some help with the pain, he will have to stop. If anyone knows of any doctors in Eastern Pa. Please let me know. Thank You!

I just took my daughter to her appointment at Children's Hospital in Philadelphia. Your son is too old to be treated there, but I asked the doctor to recommend a doctor at U Penn Hospital. I was told that anyone general orthopedic surgeon there should be able to help out. I was told to tell you Dr. Nelson at U Penn Hospital. He seems to be a joint doctor, but he probably does amputations also.

I hope this helps some.

Beth Reinert