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My name is Natalie and my 4 month old daughter has PFFD, it's about a 3 inch difference and her feet aren't the same size either. I've been denied SSI benifits once and I am appealing it. I was told that my options were lengthing, amputation, are the lift (to me if her leg only will come mid-way her calf of her good leg, if that). I would think that would be a very high and dangerous lift. I was wondering if anyone else was having or have had this problem with getting SSI. I would really like to speak with someone with experience in this matter and someone for some kind of guidence for the future. please respond either by email or by finding me on face book Natalie McCall in Mobile Alabama. Thank you.

I am a 52 year old female with bi¬lateral PFFD. I never had any surgeries to correct the length difference so I walk with a brace with an adjustable lift which brace guys call a skate. It adjust so I can wear different heal heights on my shoes. I have never had any difficulties with the lift I just have to make sure the sole is tough and doesn’t leave marks on my floors. If I can be of any assistance please feel free to contact me.