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Online PFFD/CFD chat on Thursday Sept 9

Quick reminder - the next CFD and other congenital limb differences online chat will be next Thursday Sept 9 at 8:00 PM. Dr. Standard will be answering questions about assorted types of congenital limb differences.

We will be using the same password that we have used the past few months. If you need the password or if you need instructions on how to join the chat, please email me at vbrady (at) .

NOTE - I'll be out of the office on Tuesday (class) and Thursday (holiday) so please try to get any requests to me before Wednesday, as I may not get to check my email at work too often on Thursday and I'd hate for anyone not to get a response.

If you know for sure that you are coming, it would also be helpful if you could drop me a quick note so that we'll know how many to expect.


we have child with pffd in right leg he is 20 days old we live in jordan i want to know we start treetment what shall we do for him and how much it will cost and there is any near hospital here to help or we should come to usa help us plz we dont know what to do now