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Orphan with PFFD

My husband and I run an orphanage in southern Mexico. A few months ago we were asked to receive a three month old baby girl who had been abandoned close to the border of Guatemala. We were told she had a handicap and one of her legs was shorter than the other. She has been with us for seven months now and it is clear that she has PFFD.
The doctors here are telling us that she needs to have an amputation when she turns one year old. We are now facing this difficult decision. I found this site through a friend and thought some of you might be able to give me some insight and of course your prayers would be appreciated.

Im pretty knew to this as well, My 9 month old has a short femur but it is a mild case of pffd. He has an inch and a half length difference. We have been doing research and Isaac will be getting lengthening surgery. I dont know how severe your baby girls leg is but I do know that lengthening can be an option . It is being done more often in recent years. I found a lot of information on Dr Paleys website . I highly reccommend you check it out and I will say a prayer for your little girl, I know how you feel going through this, Katie

Before amputating, consider the Van Nes rotation. That is what I had done when I was 4. I am so glad to have my foot - they just turn it around backwards. So I use my ankle as my knee joint. It allows for much more mobility and control, since it is really like being a below knee amputee. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.