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I would like to find out thoughts from other people, whether it be parents and or actual older children or adults living with PFFD on what treatment is the best or why you think it is the best. We were given 3 options and I am noticing from researching allot of people did nothing except get a prosthetic leg over there own leg and foot, I wonder why we weren't given this option, or is it just a given to do nothing?


I'm , 23 years old and experiencing some major issues. I have pffd of my left leg and your right in what your saying. All they do is either give you a prosthetic leg which your little leg fits into, give you the option of an amputation or the rotationplasty. I don't think they give people and parents any great options. And it's because of the lack of research going into it and lack of experience people have with pffd. They say " but your so rare". In my experience health professionals don;t have clue how to treat pffd patients.