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Clothes, Right Shoe Lifts, and Braces for a PFFD Toddler to Give Away

Hello! Before my son wore his prosthetic leg, he had a shoe lift on the right and wore an ankle brace on the left for support. I also hemmed his pants and pajamas.

Now that he is older, I'd love for these items to go to someone who needs it. If you can't afford to get a shoe lift or ankle brace, here's what I have:

Toddler size 3W Champion shoes with 2 inch lift on right shoe
Toddler size 4.5M Answer 2 orthotic shoes with 4 inch lift on right shoe
Toddler size 7M Answer 2 orthotic shoes (for use with an ankle brace)
Toddler size left knee brace
2 Left ankle DAFO's by Cascade for about a toddler size 3-4
1 Left ankle DAFO by Cascade for about a todler size 4-5

Hemmed pants (right leg only): 3 pairs of 9m, 6 pairs of 12m, 15 pairs of 18m
Hemmed pajamas (right leg only): 4 long sleeve 18m and 1 long sleeve 24m

I have pictures for everything and I'll ship it to you at my cost. It's FREE for you if you need it! :) Please email with questions, thanks!