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Amputation of the food or Paley-Brown Rotionplasty??

I decided to write down a question message because of my dilemma a treatment of PFFD.
I live in United Kingdom and have little girl. She was born in October 2010 with PFFD Paley type 3b.
English doctors told us about amputation of the food when she'll be one and hip joint surgery in the 4-5 of age.
We've seen Dr Dror Paley in Germany and he said it is not good idea to lengthening the leg and is not good idea to amputate of the food. He said, that the best option will be Paley-Brown Rotationplasty.
We talked about Paley's solution with English doctors and they say, my daughter will have mental problems with rotated leg. She will feel as a monster etc.
Dr Paley say, he's never seen the child with that problems because children have a possibility to move normaly, bend (have a control of) the knee.
I care for my baby's functionality and want to be sure, my daughter can bend her leg at every situation but don't want to risk with that mentaly problems she would have.
I would ask about any people experience with Rotationplasty. I would like to know what's feeling of people with Rotationplasty and what's functionality (at every time) of people with amputation of the food.
Thank you in advance for any help and I beg for any messages to me.
I'm giving my e-mail address too if somebody prefers mail contact: