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Different type of prosthesis - success!

We tried the first prosthesis for a while (see first blog entry) - it was a failure. It caused bruising, it overheated her, it didn't breathe, etc. I could go on for days about all of its deficits. We were always upbeat about the prosthesis in front of her when we put it on her, but her reality over-took our spin. After a while she cried when she saw it. We got it adjusted a few times for a few months. One time we went in for an adjustment we met with a different prostheticist. We asked about other designs. He designed an extra-lightweight shoe lift that straps on to a regular shoe with velcro.

Success. The design is simple and excellent. She loves it. She now asks to have it put on. She's had it for over 6 months now (she's 18 months) and and runs, climbs stairs, kicks, bounces, etc.

Update: See for a review of our prosthesis.