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Social Security/other income lots of questions

We are appling for ssi disability for Isaiah. Is this a waste of time? Is everyone else doing this too? What other sources of supplemental income is there so that we can provide the best possible care for Isaiah? Do most people with PFFD qualify for SSI?

I was told after my son was born that he would not qualify for SSI unless two limbs were affected. I didn't look into it any further after that so I am not sure what the specifics are. --Kathy

Wendy H
I looked into SSI in Colorado. They base your eligibility on income and assets. I believe assets could be no more than $3,000 and that included IRA's, savings, investments and one vehicle.

In my research, SSI only helps out on an income level and each state in the US has different levels that qualify. Your best bet would be to find (by internet) your states rules and see if you fit the criteria. We live in CA on a military income, with 5 children and still didn't qualify. In most cases however, when the children turn 18 (I think that is the age), they can qualify and actually get more help. Hope this helps.

My son is 3 and we receive SSI here in New York, I had to go thru so much to be approved though, I got denied twice and had to stand in front of the judge before being approved. Hope this helps, if u have any questions Id be happy to help if i can.

Hello. My daughter is 12 and I have received SSI for her since she was 3. The problem is that I first applied for it when she was 2 months old! They will deny you many times (maybe hoping you will give up?) but when you get approved they must pay you retroactive pay from the time that you first applied. I appealed every denial because of one line that was in the letter they sent me: " It has been determined that your child can do all of the things that the average child her age can do." That infuriated me! Without her prosthesis she could not even walk ( they must make their decision based on your childs natural state, i.e. no prosthesis.) There are income restrictions but I make good money and still receive the SSI. I am not concerned with the check, just the insurance it provides.

Has anyone applied for SSI as an adult ? I an 45 years old and have lived with PFFD all of my life. I have a very short femur and a knee just a few inches lower than where a normal hip would be. I wear a leg brace that does not bend, and this prevents me from walking or standing for long durations. My condition also prevents me from lifting or carrying heavy objects. I lost my job after 16 years at the same employer (due to a company merger). I am now trying to find employement but am finding that most of the jobs require long periods of walking, standing, or lifting heavy objects. The economy is in a state right now where the choices for employement are slim. Has anyone applied for SSI as an adult, and could you share your story ?

Since you have worked for 16 years, then you would qualify to apply for SSDI which is not based on family income. SSDI is what you have paid in through your job as it is "disability insurance". Most people who apply are denied the first time and must appeal...regardless of disability. If you are unemployeed now, then I would suggest applying right away because there is a weird system used by social security so you would not typically be eligible until 6 months after you apply.

BTW-You can apply on line and it is a BIG time saver. Get your doctor's names and numbers before you start the process.

I'm going to link to it from the FAQ

I'm not an expert, but I believe you generally do not qualify for 'disability' based ONLY on limb length descrepency/amputation. Now, if there are other health issues involved, that could make a difference. How old is your child? I know that if you cannot afford medical coverage, the Shriners Hospital provides free medical care for children with PFFD (until that child reaches 18). If the child is over 18, another great resource is Vocational Rehabilitation. Depending on which state you are in, Voc Rehab may be a division of the department of education, or the dept labor. There is information on Vocational Rehabilitation on Voc Rehab will consider payment of medical care, if the medical care is required for that person to become (or remain) part of the work force. You may, however, qualify (maybe, I'm not sure!) for a Medicaid plan. Are you working with an attorney on this? I think SSI is great and necessary. But I also think if you believe your child will be able to eventually make a living and be independent, that's great too, right? It really just depends on the extent of disability. I don't know you, so it's hard to say really- but I would think that most children with limb length descrepencies can achieve most any goal. I have bilateral PFFD with an amputation and I am married, work full time, and have 2 small children. I know many high level amputees (and people with multiple limb amputation) that work and make very good livings. OF COURSE, I think SSI is wonderful and if you need it, definitely use it. That's what it's there for.

I live in Ohio and I applied for my daughter when she was 1 month old. They even gave her temporary SSI until they decided to approve her. They made the decision with in a month. We were never turned down. I would keep trying. With out their prosthesis, they can not do everything a normal person can. As a matter of fact, my daughter will be three in MAy and she has only been walking on her own for two months. She did not have her first surgery until she was 15 months. Shriners is a excellent place for children with PFFD. You may have to drive a few hours but they are well worth it. We drive 2 1/2 hours to go there but I would do it everyday to receive the treatment and gratitude they give.

There is children's SSI information and an income chart at


You can also apply online which is very convenient. Some of you live in states were there are state funds for children made available though SSI and that is part of the reason why experiences vary.

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