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Discussion about prosthetics. Good ones, bad ones, to amputate, rotate, or leave the foot intact as per Dr. Moseley's device.


I am 32 years old and have pffd, had Symes procedure at age 3 and have worn a prosthesis ever since. I am a nurse, very active person but here recently I have had problems with finding soneone to make me the appropriate prosthesis. I currently have the C leg. Anyone with any suggestions.

Genium bionic leg

My life is so hectic, sometimes i can't really find time for anything
but i want to take sometime and write about my Genium also know as the X2 in some country's
here's a reference link:

I think the best word to describe my genium is reliable, there's certainly a lot of bells and whistle's
built up inside this prosthetic, but the main feature i find that helps is how slow the knee bends when you
need it, my old knee i had to constantly keep moving and there was good risk of falling at times

Does anyone know a prosthetist in Nashville, TN with experience with PFFD?

I am in desperate need of a new prosthesis. I would like to deal with someone who has prior experience with a person who has had pffd.


Debbie Miller

Need to help to find a Prosthetist in southern California

Hi everyone,

My name is Lida and I am 25 years old with PFFD type C. I never had any surgery done and I am having a very difficult time finding an experience Prosthetist in Los Angles. Could anyone please give me a list of Prosthetist who have experience with making prosthesis for PFFD patients.



Dealing with Insurance company denials for orthotics

I am an HR professional searching for solutions for one of my employees whose dependent child has PFFD. The health insurance carrier has denied the shoe lifts for the patient. We are going to start the appeals process since the insurance company policy wording states that, for reasons that are totally beyond me, only patients with a diagnosis of diabetes qualify for shoe lifts, even those who have PFFD. Go figure.

C-leg charger

My husband has severe unilateral PFFD. No femur or hip joint to speak of and wears an older c-leg prosthesis. Does anyone have a spare charger for one of the older c-legs for sale?

Info for all new mommies

Hallo everyone. I really just wanted to find out if anyone could give me information on Extension Prosthesis (no amputation) as my daughter, Olivia, is now 9 months old and will be having a super hip and knee operation done by Dr Paley next year. He did however predict that she would require at least 3 lenghtening surgeries and i am strongly looking into alternative options in order to avoid all the pain for her.

I would appreciate all your comments

South Africa


My daughter has had fittings for a prosthesis she has her own foot so its an extension prosthesis sge is getting, she goes crazy during the fittings and it looks so awkard for her to wear i just can't see how she will manage. She is 22 months, has anyone any advice on how i can help her when she gets the prosthesis next week as i am really dreading it.

Articles on intimacy and pregnancy on

Hey everyone! I'm 31 yrs old, a mother of 2 and I have bilateral PFFD with AK amputation. I just wanted everyone to know about this cool new website called If you become a member (it's free) you can communicate with other amputee members. There are a bunch of cool articles on the site (see 'intimacy as an amputee' and 'pregnancy and parenting') and you can also email them for technical questions on amputations/prosthetic fitting.

PFFD prosthetic to equlalize leg length other than shoe lift?

Has anyone had experience with a device to help equalize leg lengths that is not a shoe lift? Do you know if it is possible to get an adjustable one (that can lengthen as the child grows)? I am wondering if there is something out there that is less cumbersome than lets say a 3-4 inch lift on the shoe. If anyone has any information, pictures or resources please let me know, as well as pros and cons. My son has unilateral pffd and the descrepancy is about 3 1/2 inches, he is age 4.


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