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We have to take Romie back to the hospital, somethings wrong!

Romie is 3 years old now and he had the super hip surgery on his right side on june27th at shriners in Philadelphia. They inserted a metal rod to hold the hip bone in place while it heals. The doctor told me that they would take the hardware piece out when the hip bone is stable. He wore the spica cast all summer til august 25th then they took it off and he went back 2 his usual 2 inch shoe lift. I sent Romie back to school on September 4th, by september 17th he was complaining of pain on the right side, he didnt want to wear his shoe anymore or put any weight on that side at all.

Romie and his first surgery/(Super hip) Im so scared!

My 3 and a half year old son Romie is going in at 7am (June 27th) in the morning for his super hip surgery at Shriners with Dr McCarthy in Philadelphia and I am so so so nervous and worried about everything. I would really like someone to share their experience of what the after effects are like and give us the heads up on what to be prepared for. Please help.

Update on Romie and I

Havent updated in a while on my son Romie, he is doing great, He's three and a half now and is the sunshine of my life. His right femur is about 3 and a half inches shorter than his left which is a larger difference than before, but with his condition this is to be expected. Romie is in pre school now and has been learning so much, his teachers tell me that he is a joy to have in the class, he loves to dance and sing and finger paint with his friends and his favorite teacher Ms Emily.

Little Romie's journey so far...

I have a two year old son, named Jerome that was diagnosed with PFFD in his right leg when he was still growing inside of me. I was 21 years old at the time and I was just excited to start a family.

When my husband and I first found out about his condition we went to the library and did some research. When I saw some of the pictures of legs of children who have this condition I wanted to cry because most of the children in the pictures were crying or looked sad it seemed so hard to deal with. I found out there werent many options for treatment and definitely no magic miracle that could just make it all better.

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