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Update on Romie and I

Havent updated in a while on my son Romie, he is doing great, He's three and a half now and is the sunshine of my life. His right femur is about 3 and a half inches shorter than his left which is a larger difference than before, but with his condition this is to be expected. Romie is in pre school now and has been learning so much, his teachers tell me that he is a joy to have in the class, he loves to dance and sing and finger paint with his friends and his favorite teacher Ms Emily. He wears a 3 inch shoe lift on his sneakers and shoes which helps him to walk a little more stable, this Thursday hes getting fitted for his second prosthetic leg that hopefully will help him get around even better. His first surgery which is going to be on his hip is scheduled to take place at Shriners in PA this summer, Im so nervous and scared but by the grace of God I know he will be ok.

I am also excited to say that I am about 4 months pregnant with baby number 2. Im kinda nervous because I am going to get a sonogram done in the morning and its 4am and Ive been up all night having flashbacks of when I got my first sonogram with Romie and the nurse told me that I needed a 4D sonogram immediately. I pray that everything will go well and I hope that the nurse tells me that Romie is going to have a little sister, but whatever it is, I just want it to be healthy and know that its being born to a mom, dad, and big brother that will love him/her regardless. I will definitely let you guys know how it goes as soon as I get home from the appointment. Please keep me in your prayers as you are all in mine.


Well guys, I found out that Im having a baby girl now and Im due August 19, 2007. Our family is soooo excited, and I cant wait to give Romie a little sister. Thanx for all of the support, lol.

Congrats on your news of your baby girl!!!!! Glad to hear everything is going well!!! Make sure you get some sleep now....When we had our little girl we got probably 3 hours of non-stop sleep each night. heh... Oh the good old days.... :) Keep us posted!!

Chuck, Karla, Dylan & McKenna