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What to expect next?

My 8yr old daughter had her first lengthening done in May 2004. She will be getting her external fixator taken of this Wed Mar 23. We were able to grow back 6cm during the lengthening. We found out last month that her knee has dislocated posteriorly. We will be going through some very extensive surgery to realign the knee and balance the tendons of the knee. We may even end up have to loose some of the length we just grew back. I was wondering if anyone else has seen or heard of this before, what to expect and some helpful tips on how to help my daughter get through this?


Sorry, that should be 6cm (2in) instead of 2cm.

Where did you have the lengthening done?

This post is 2 years old... but I just wanted to say that this happened to me also. Were they able to realign her knee. They weren't able to do anything about mine. It's been dislocated now for about 6 years and I walk with a brace, it's pretty painful though.