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Somewhat OT question regarding wedding bouquet and crutches

This is a weird question, but I don't really know where else to ask.

I have bilateral PFFD and walk with forearm crutches. I am getting married next June, and I'd really like a bouquet. Obviously, walking with crutches (one of my gifts from my parents is a special set of wedding crutches) poses some challenges to carrying a bouquet.

Does anyone have any brilliant ideas on what I could do?



Hi Linda,

Sulution is simple. Use underarmcrutches like i do and sqeeze them into your armpits.

You have both hands free !!

Love, Steph

I used a universal cuff (available through most med supplies stores) because I had crutches and of course due to my arms being affected, I cannot grasp. So we trimmed the plastic holder on the bouquet and put it in the cuff. Then the bouquet held on to me!


Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'm going to check out getting a pomander bouquet. It has a string at the top that I could hold without a problem and still use my crutches.

I appreciate the ideas, though!