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PFFD and having children

Hi All! It is great to read everyone's experience with PFFD. I am a 27 year old female with unilateral pffd (right leg) and my parents chose lengthening for me along with using shoe lifts for any discrepancy still left. Though doc's have been able to lengthen my leg a total of about 5 inches, I do still have a diff of approx. 4 inches. I have an amazing life w/ amazing family and friends around me who have always encouraged and allowed me to be myself. I define my birth defect, it doesn't define me!

I am writing in hopes that some of you may answer some questions I have in regards to carrying a child and giving birth when you have PFFD. I was married in November to the greatest husband I could have asked for, and we are planning to start a family next year. I would love to hear some of the experiences of any moms on here w/ PFFD. Were you limited during pregnancy? Were you able to give birth naturally or did you have to have a c-section? Were you even given the option to choose? I have pins connecting my femur to my hip socket, would this affect my changing body when I am pregnant? Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to being a mom!!! =)

Hi. First of all, congrats on getting married and wanting to start a new family!!! When I first got married, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to carry children, give birth naturally, or that I would have to be on bed rest if I did get pregnant. I researched this as well and found comfort in forums like this. My case of PFFD is similar to yours but my discrepancy is about an inch and a half now. I got pregnant last year in July and had absolutely no complications with her. I was able to walk until the day she was born, and was not limited in any way. She grew normally in the womb and 4 months ago, I gave birth to her naturally. I do not have a pin in my hip socket, but I don't see this affecting you. My hips spread as normal and after giving birth, I don't feel a difference in them at all. My doctor, however, did induce me at 39 weeks as she was unfamiliar with PFFD, and didn't want my baby to be too heavy when she came out.

I do not believe you will have any problems when you do get pregnant with regards to your hips, as I am living proof! I hope this can be comforting to you! :)