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PFFD patients who have had amputation

I'm having issues with getting a new prosthesis and I keep getting told the same thing- amputation. I just wanted to know if there are any adults who had their " LITTLE LEG" amputated in order to get a better fitting prosthesis and if it was worth it. I'm worried that I would have less mobility and that I wouldn;t walk very well as the hip would need to be stabilized.

We were told by our doctors that we need to remove my daughters foot from the heel up in order to fit the prosthetic properly. Hope this helps.

well i've had an amp since i was like 4 so i've been wearing a prosthesis all my life
i really haven't had any limitations i can ride a bike .. roller blade and pretty much do anything
my current pros* is a little old i found out i have a total 2000 knee.. it was designed by a father who
wanted his son to have a good leg but there weren't any so he designed one him self.

the only bad things really is a can't really run.. and i usually hop down the stairs cause its faster..
I'm working right now to get a new leg by the way I'm 25 i spent almost all my life going to shriners in philly until i was 21..
so this is my first private pros* i would recommend you check out "THE GENIUM" made by otto bock
I'm really trying to get that its the bread and butter of knee's right now

also the iwalk,, is pretty sweet in the future i hope they merge them both.

if i were u i would defiantly get the amp* only thing about the genium with everything comes out to 100k
il know by wednesday or next week if my insurance will cover it... hope they do so i can leave some good feedback
they want to fit me with a C-leg but I'm not really looking for a C-leg its the first real micrososseing leg ottobock made.

sorry for all the typos its 1:21am.. lol i just found this site on google.. feel free to ask me any questions.

My little leg was amputated in 1976. The amputation was performed at Trippler Army Hospital in Hawaii. I was the only little girl on a ward full of recovering Vietnam Vets. I received so much encouragement and support from those wounded vets. I was fitted for many different legs at military hospitals All over the country. I did not get my first leg complete with covering and toes I could paint until I was 18! You cannot imagine how thrilled I was to wear high heeled sandals to graduation.
At my advanced age of 42 I received my C-leg. I do feel like the bionic chick sometimes, when I am plugged into the charger, but this prosthesis has been the best leg I have ever had.

I'm sure you realize the need to research all alternatives before deciding what course of action would be best for your situation.

An article which may be of interest to you can be found in the March 2005 publication of the National Center for Prosthetics and Orthotics at the LaTrobe University in Melbourne, AU. It reviews a case of a young woman who was previously fitted with a Moseley device. The prosthetist at NCPO was able to design a new, better fitting, better functioning prosthesis for her and that information is reported.

Good luck.

My folks went to Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas. They did a foot amputation and some hip reconstruction when I was 3 and I was fitted with a prosthesis when I was 4. I've never had to have any follow-up surgeries. I ride bikes, skateboard, snow ski. Can't really water ski since it takes so much muscle strength to get up on one leg. Also can't roller skate. My amputation was an AK so I don't have as much control over the lower half of my prosthesis as I'd like. Truth is, I walk very well. My limp is so minor, most people don't even realize I have a prosthesis. For a long time, because of the shape of my "little leg", I couldn't be fitted with a suction leg, but about a year ago, we tried some new things they've come out with and it's working. Best fit I've had in 40 years and I'm thrilled not to be "teathered" by a waist strap. Not sure how all of this would translate for an adult making the decision. Glad the decision was made for me at an early age. Good luck!