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Meeting others with PFFD

The other day I met someone with a similar PFFD and I just wanted to share with everyone on here how great it was. Although I'm only 20 and the lady I met with is early 60's it was great to be able to share stories of growing up with the condition and how different and similar it was 60 years ago and now. We had a lot of laughs swapping stories and comparing growing up (which wasn't very different at all). I never knew that speaking to someone with the same condition would be so helpful. Growing up and being treated as a 'normal' person and now meeting someone who has had similar experiences as myself has made me realise that I am completely different to everyone else and sometimes even the closest people in your life cannot understand fully what it's like to live with this condition. Every persons condition is completely different but we all have to overall condition in common. I would encourage anyone to do the same as I've done and try to meet someone or at least speak to others, to swap stories, share uphill and downhill struggles. It's done me the world of good, especially from an emotional point of view.

yeah i just recently found out i had PFFD.. haven't met anyone really that has it as well even though i live in new york ..
thats pretty cool.