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short stature

Is anyone else with PFFD short? I'm 29 & am only 4 ft tall, with my prosthesis.... I hear that my condition (with the short stature) is rare. Just curious.


Hi Jamie, I am 29 and I would be 4'4" if I stood up, I use a wheelchair full-time though. Strangely enough i'm just about 4'4" in my wheelchair :-)I'd say i'm short.
I would say 4ft with prosthesis is pretty short, how tall are you stood on your own legs if you don't mind me asking, also are you uni or bilateral PFFD?

Dave Bailey

I would probably only be about 3'6'' without my prosthesis. I'm bilateral.....

Hi, Jamie. I'm 4ft. 5 in. with no prosthetic other than a one inch lift on my left shoe. I think short stature is not rare with bilateral pffd; it's that bpffd is rare among those with pffd (or at least that's what I'm learning as I research our condition more).


I'm 22, have bilateral PFFD, and am 4'.

BTW, hello all! I just found this site and am thrilled to have found it.

Take care,

my son john has bpffd and is 39" tall at 15 years old. i just found this site last night and am suprised how many poeple have pffd. do any others have several bone abnormalities?