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Commom features with PFFD

I am curious to know from other people with PFFD or parents of a child with PFFD, is there a small indent on the front of your leg at shin level? It is like a vertcal split about an inch long. I had this on both my legs, i've had an above knee amputation on my right leg, so now i just own the one.
I met a guy years ago at a swim meet who had exactly the same things on both his small legs. I looked at him and thought, "mmm snap! i've got those".
It may well have something to do with the bone formation underneath the skin, i was born without the fibula in both my legs.
A friend looked at my leg, just the other day, and said "oh, how did you cut your leg". So i had to explain it wasn't a cut, it had always just been there.

I think this could be quite common, let me know.

Dave Bailey :-)

Our daughter has the same thing. She was born with fibular hemimelia (ie. missing one of the bones in her lower leg) in her left leg. When we took her to the orthopedic surgeon for the first time, we asked him about it. He said that all patients with fibular hemimelia have this dimple, but he couldn't explain to us the exact reason it was there. He did say that it shouldn't cause any pain or discomfort.


I don't have any dimples on my lower legs, but I have always had one on each hip; the one on my left side is pretty deep. Anything like that going on with you?

Hi Linda, no I haven't got the dimples on my hips, just my legs. That is interesting to know, I've not heard of that, I wonder if others with pffd have them on their hips? Do you have fibular hemimelia (no fibia's)? If you don't, that could explain not having the dimples on your legs.
Like we all know though, every case is different, there can be similarities and differences, like with me you may have read, i'm missing half my left arm as well as bilateral pffd.

Dave Bailey

my son has a dimple on his hip also

Yes, I have a very deep demple on the hip where I have PFFD. On an exray the femur is bent in the shape of a v where the demple is.

I have always had one and it got much deeper after corrective surgery as a child. (My scar is right above it.) It is a tender spot for me, but does not cause pain unless I put pressure directly on the area. Mine is now 2 inches by about 3 inches. It is not a big deal, but it was to me as a teenager when tight knit tube skirts were in.

Our son has the same dimple. Our orthopaedic doctor told us it was because of the fibular hememilia as well. He said it was common with this condition.

Hi guys,
Our daughter Jess has bilateral PFFD and has a dimple on her right shin but not her left.
Though talking of similarities - I have a question about birth marks? Do any of you or your children have them? Jess has a large strawberry nevus on the top of her head, her hip, back, finger and neck. most of the swellings have gone and some have now faded. Just wondered if this was a commom thing.
Thanks Jo

On Kalyn's left leg (shin area) she has the same indentation. It also is like a vertical split but hers is about 2 inches longs. She also has a round dimple on her rights hip/booty area. I asked Shriners why she had these and they have all said that these indentations/dimples are over the worst part of the anomoly on Kalyn.
My husband and I always laugh when I tell him that I can see her when she is a teenager pulling down her pants a little bit saying hey boys check out my dimple. (It is cute amd I guess I laugh and he gets mad. :) I have had many people during the summer when she was wearing shorts/dresses ask me why she had surgery one her leg.

heather cords

I am 11 yrs old, I have a dimple on my right leg.

Hi Everybody

I am new to this, never mailed about my daughter having PFFD before. Hannah is now 18 months old and was not diagnosed with PFFD until she was 1 week old. She has a short left leg and has a small dimple at the side on her femur. Currently I am trying to get her to wear her prosthesis, it was fun at first but I think she is catching on that this has to be worn. I am interested to know what other children used to get around before their ops? Is it worth going private?
I have been told she will have her first op when she is 4 to straighten her femur to fit her hip socket properly. Then she will under go 3 lenghtening ops at the ages of 6,9 and 16yrs.
I am lucky that the doctor has said her ops should work to 100% recovery.
Thank you for this website, I find it clear and easy to understand what PFFD is and how it effects other children.



My Son has bilateral Fibula Hememila and he has only one dimple on one leg and nothing on the other. Just one of those weird quirks of nature I guess.