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What age can the Symes Amputation can be done?

I'm sixteen and i've been wearing a shoe lift for about fifteen years. Last year, i had a extension prosthesis made. For a reason, i feel like people are still looking at me. I really don't want people to think that i want to do this because i want to be normal. I just want to feel confident about myself, it's hard in your teen years. I know amputation isn't a easy decision or a easy process, but i just want to explore the options i would've taken or I could take. I know a little bit about the Symes Amputation. More so the appearence of the prosthesis. What are the steps that lead to it, and also the Mosley device. Also, can the Rotation Plasty be done on adolescents?

There was some discussion about amputation for cosmesis here .

You can see the symes amputation here:
(WARNING - graphic! NSFW )

Hi there, l am aware of a 10yr old boy who had the symes amputation and he is fine, l'm no expert but when me daughter had her left knee removed at age 10yrs, it was pretty tough on her, Yasmin told me she couldn't cope with having apart of her taken away, she was pretty low for a while, but she eventually got sick of feeling sorry for her self and started to walk again with her new leg, She was in alot of papers because of this operation and even won The Douglas Bader Award for "inspiration",
Yasmin had her foot amputated at the age of 2yrs, a difficult decision but the correct one, she has an artificial leg now that bends at the knee and she can now ride a bike after her knee was removed,
Yasmin's Orthopaedic Surgeon is Dr Fernandaz based at Sheffield Children's Hospital, he might have a website, ask him, because he knows alot about PFFD, it took me 10yrs to find him, also it is very important that you have a very good Prosthetic, Yasmin's is Principle A Sharpe, Birmingham, without both of these professionals and there dedication to Yasmin, l would not of had her knee removed.
Take care,