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PFFD prosthetic to equlalize leg length other than shoe lift?

Has anyone had experience with a device to help equalize leg lengths that is not a shoe lift? Do you know if it is possible to get an adjustable one (that can lengthen as the child grows)? I am wondering if there is something out there that is less cumbersome than lets say a 3-4 inch lift on the shoe. If anyone has any information, pictures or resources please let me know, as well as pros and cons. My son has unilateral pffd and the descrepancy is about 3 1/2 inches, he is age 4.

My daughter will be 4 this June. She has PFFD on her left leg with a current discrepancy of about 4.5 inches. She wears a prosthesis. I think it’s called a “foot in foot”, but I could be wrong. I can't attach a picture to this posting, but I'll try to describe it. Her foot goes in a hard boot. She wears a sock on that foot. A metal segment connects the boot and the prosthetic foot. The metal piece between the 2 “feet” is adjustable depending on how tall you need the prosthesis. The prosthetic foot is rubber and looks like a foot, with toes and all.

My daughter walks, runs, jumps, hops, etc. in her prosthesis. She often wears it with the prosthetic foot barefooted.


Hey, Beth...

This sounds similar to Sami's. She was using the moseley style...but, it's kind of been adapted so I can get pants on her. Does Olivia's prosthetic have any type of knee...or is it just stiff? Our prothetisis said that she needs to get a little taller to be able to put a knee now, it's just straight. But, the prosthetic foot looks just like a real foot...she can even wear flip-flops!! These things are important to girls!


Olivia's prosthesis stops just below her knee. Since she had the super hip/knee/ankle surgery, she's been able to use the knee she was born with.

That's neat about wearing flip flops. Olivia's doesn't allow for that.


louise kavanagh here, i have a daughter and she is waiting to be fitted for a prosthetic leg, what should i expect and are they very uncomfortable for a child to wear?

We've done the same thing - we've been told it's called a prosthosis. A few years ago I did a review of our prothosis. You can read about it here . I'll put up a newer review later, but in short, the new prosthosis is excellent. Our daughter is unstoppable in it and does everything from ride bikes to walking a balance beam to shimmying up giant structures.

I am a podiatrist in Florida. I have invented a removable device to compensate for limb length discrepancy that is removable and adjustable. It may not be enough of a raise for your purpose but check out the website to see if it can help. At present we are not making pediatric sizes. But we plan to in the near future.

Hope this helps

Brad Castellano, DPM