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Thanks for the prayers everyone, Tom has been in and screamed going under and screamed coming out!, but we have finally got a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.
Toms right hip isnt formed at all!, and his femur hasnt grown so he shall continue to wear his prostesis, i have had my tears that the miracle hasnt happened, but also im so pleased he wont have to go through the hospital visits that he is so desparatly terrified of.
As i have said to my family, please dont be sad as Tom copes fantastically well, and enjoys life the way he is, and as long as he is happy , so are we!
Tom is an amazing child that teaches us something everyday, We all love him so much and i think if truth is known, its only us that sometimes has upset thoughts and bad days
Thanks again for the prayers, love to you all from Tom and Me (sally and the rest of us)


You survived! You are so amazing and you have a wonderful attitude that is obviously rubbing off on Tom! Keep in touch, Lots of love Jo X

That make me happy to hear how happy and content he is with what he has.. It warms my heart.
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