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Pics of Tom doing the impossible!

Hi everyone, just thought id share this with you, Tom has just turned five and is in his first year of school, he has been enjoying p.e but just could not climb over the top of these aparatas, couldnt get his leg over the top!
His teacher called me into school and gave me this photo, aparently after a whole term he had managed it!! even made Mrs Mee cry with happyness!
now he can do it everytime, he never gives up at anything, he evem has his first sports day tomorrow!!!
anyway love and hugs as always enjoy the photo of my superman
love Sally

tom now

a photo of the cheeky one! in his sister tent!

Tom is at school!!!

Just a quickie update, and a happy new year to you all!

Tom is now nearly five and is settled at school, (it took a long while!!!), and he is enjoying it very much,, he is THE most popular child in the whole school, of which im totally blown away, i was dreading school and bullying etc(i think most of us do!)
He is even doing PE and climbing on PE aparatus and dancing,but he doesnt like this very much as he says he looks stupid all the boys do!!
He keeps his extension on, and he knows his limits, there arnt many though, he tries it and if he cant he will try again before he resigns to it.


Thanks for the prayers everyone, Tom has been in and screamed going under and screamed coming out!, but we have finally got a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.
Toms right hip isnt formed at all!, and his femur hasnt grown so he shall continue to wear his prostesis, i have had my tears that the miracle hasnt happened, but also im so pleased he wont have to go through the hospital visits that he is so desparatly terrified of.
As i have said to my family, please dont be sad as Tom copes fantastically well, and enjoys life the way he is, and as long as he is happy , so are we!
Tom is an amazing child that teaches us something everyday, We all love him so much and i think if truth is known, its only us that sometimes has upset thoughts and bad days

We Leave Tonight

Hey all,
we leave tonight to travel to the city for toms appointment tomorrow morning,we are staying in a hotel, id like to say im excited about staying at a hotel as we never do!, but the truth is im worried sick and feel sick to go with it,can anyone who reads this just say a little prayer for Tom and us for while hes under general anestetic, if they get time, thanks a lot
love and best wishes Sally-ann


Hi hope i find everyone well,
The date for Toms hospital appoinment is approaching the 8th June, i was just wondering if anyone had gone through an Arthrogram at all, and if anyone could let me know what to expect, and outcomes?

Toms hospital appointment

Well hello everyone, havent posted for a very long time on this /or the old site.

Just to let you know Tom has turned 4 and doing very well with his Prostesis extension, he can do anything and everything(especially things he really shouldnt be doing).

We went to see the docs for our 6 monthly and there taking Tom inunder GA to do an Arthrography of his hips,, which apparently is a easy procedure to see whats happening.

HAs anyone else been through one of these?
hope everyone is well
Oh i intend to write a personal story at some point but at the moment my newborn is making it rather difficult!!!

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