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Pics of Tom doing the impossible!

Hi everyone, just thought id share this with you, Tom has just turned five and is in his first year of school, he has been enjoying p.e but just could not climb over the top of these aparatas, couldnt get his leg over the top!
His teacher called me into school and gave me this photo, aparently after a whole term he had managed it!! even made Mrs Mee cry with happyness!
now he can do it everytime, he never gives up at anything, he evem has his first sports day tomorrow!!!
anyway love and hugs as always enjoy the photo of my superman
love Sally

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That is an awesome story, I love to pics and it is very encouraging for me to see them as i am rather new to PFFD.


He is a very strong boy. Im so proud of him! He even made me cry! I wish my little Jadon will be enjoying doing stuff like Tom. God bless!!