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Tom is at school!!!

Just a quickie update, and a happy new year to you all!

Tom is now nearly five and is settled at school, (it took a long while!!!), and he is enjoying it very much,, he is THE most popular child in the whole school, of which im totally blown away, i was dreading school and bullying etc(i think most of us do!)
He is even doing PE and climbing on PE aparatus and dancing,but he doesnt like this very much as he says he looks stupid all the boys do!!
He keeps his extension on, and he knows his limits, there arnt many though, he tries it and if he cant he will try again before he resigns to it.
He wont take his leg off at school yet, but he still wont do it at the hospital!
the school are brilliant, and so is the disability coordinater that works with the school.
I am SOOOOOOOOO proud of him.
We know there isnt anything that can be done for him, but at the moment we are all happy, as we wouldnt want him any other way!