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hi, Im amy and i am 10, i have just had a syme amputayion and fusion my leg has shooting pains and i am struggling can you help me my email is:
i reli need help please.-Amy


I had a symes amputation at age 8 and a knee fusion at age 11. I had more pains with the amputation and experienced phantom pains because my shooting pains would go to my foot and toes that were not there. My toes would also itch. I still as an adult have some shooting pains, but the medications from my doctor are more effective now and I have learned some tricks to help.

First if you have not told your doctor about the pains do so immediately and keep reminding him/her at each visit as long as the pains are still happening. Second I have learned that mine have some things that trigger them. Caffeine seems to make the pain worse so I limit tea, soda pops and chocolate when I am having pains. I also have notice that temperature changes can some times cause the pains to start and sometimes cause them to stop. So I sometimes lay a hot water bottle on my leg and sometimes a cool water bottle to see if I can turn the pains off once they start. I have also learned that extreme cold almost always makes the pain worse. Also sometimes lightly itching the area where the last shooting pain occurred seems to confuse the nerves and slows or stops the pains.

If your doctor says that it has been long enough since surgery, then you may want to ask your parents about a licensed massage therapist, especially one who is qualified to help people with cerebral palsy. Most accept insurance. There is something about having the muscles relaxed by the therapist that REALLY reduces pain. Also if you don't already, consider getting using several pillows at night to elevate your leg slightly. I still do this as an adult.

Over the first 6 months after surgery your body and brain is adjusting to the surgeries, but soon the adjustments will be over and things will improve. Also a good video game can be a great distraction from the pain too. If you haven't tried it, you might try [[]] online for lots of free kids games that my kids love.

Hey Amy,
Thanks for leaving your comment here, but im so sorry i cant help you,, Tom has not had any surgery he just wears a prostethic leg, There are many people on here that can help you and if theres anything that i can do at a later time , please do not hesitate to email me, even if you just want a moan!
take care Amy