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A Parent's Guide to PFFD Book

Internal Lengthening (updated)

There has been recently a number of companies which have started internal lengthening procedures. The advantage is that you don't have pins through the skin and exposed to the air.

Originally invented in England, it was used for tumors where previously the leg would have had to be amputated

Leg lengthening techniques

Over the years there have been different techniques attempted to get longer bones. However as of this writing (2011) only the technique where you break the bone and gradually lengthen it is reported as practical [Dahl, 1996].

PFFD - A guide for parents and others

The goal of this book is to give parents of children with PFFD and those with PFFD a guide so that they can plan ahead and prepare for events that they may encounter. The idea is to create an organization as a time-series - similar to good books like "What to expect when you are expecting" and "What to expect the toddler years."

This has been built up from the page written by Mike Malloy in "A Parent's Guide to PFFD" (archived here) now re-organized into this collaborative book format. As he put it when he first wrote the guide

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