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Hey all its been a while shanes almost 3 and growing like a weed!!!

Shanes trying a new ortho

Hello all we have had no hope with ortho Drs or shriners

first they said it was nothing maybe a shoe lift and thats it then he is going to be feet shorter on left side and amputation only option then shriners said it will be 5/ 6 inchs shorter on left side and amputation was the way to go but then they sent report to Ortho and primary Dr that says it is estamited at 3 inches shorter so fed up with stuff going crazy!!!!!

little man shane

Hey all been since Aug. since I posted last shane has started to walk thank the lord kicks his longer right leg out to the side a bit but walking great!!!! Went to the Ortho today DR. said the word ampatee I lost it shane is15 months old he has a shorter left leg right now 4cm but Dr. seems to think it will be much worse as he gets older said shoe life not an opption and might be able to lengther one leg and shorten the other but not sure if that would help or hurt how do they know at 15 month how much longer or shorter his leg will be by the time he stops growing????

I need info

hi everyone my son shane is 1 year old when I was pregant with him they thought something might be wrong with his legs but when he was born nothing was said at 3 months I noticed he held his legs very weird and his feet and hips stayed turned out when I took him to the drs for his shots I asked them to check it out they didn't think anything was wrong I new different asked for a specialiest they sent me to an ortho at first they thought it might be hip dysplasia but after x-ray found out his his left femur was shorter then right dr said lets wait and see I know he is not as effected as so

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