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Diapering with a spica cast

If you at some point have a spica cast - Maria - wrote of her success with her technique, quoted below:

Supplies needed:
Poise pads (highest absorbancy)
Pampers #2 Diapers
Pampers #6 Diapers

I attach the pad to the #2 diaper and tuck it in the cast. Make sure it is tucked in everywhere. In the beginning, she had swelling so you have to be a little careful of the scar under the cast, etc. Now, the swelling is completely gone so it is much easier. After the #2 is securely tucked in, I put the #6 over the top and fasten it like you normally would any diaper. It is big enough that it fits over the cast. The #6 keeps everything secure and in place. The other key factor is CHANGE THE DIAPER OFTEN! That is very important. I change it every 2-3 hours during the day and every 4-5 at night. If it is a poopie diaper, you have to make sure you change it right away!


My son Jack is in his 4th spica cast right now and going on 6 months. My wife and I developed a wheelchair designed specifically for small children in a spica cast that they can maneuver themselves, small and lightweight. We were amazed that with this many kids going into spica casts per year that there was nothing out there. We are just looking to help out parents and children that are in the same situation as we are.

Thanks for looking and listening.
Jon Gabriel