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Most Important Treatment Option - A Positive Attitude

No matter which course of treatment you decide to pursue, it's extremely important to maintain a positive attitude. Remember, if you as a parent can't deal with the deformity, it will make it much harder for your child to accept it. Here are some comments from people who can say it much better than I can.

Dr. Amstutz: We have been impressed by the fact that the development of the child and his adjustment to life with a deformity are strongly dependent on the parents' understanding and attitudes.[Amstutz, 1969]

Dr. Clark in [[Things To Remember For Families of Children with Congenital or Early-Acquired Amputations|Things To Remember]]: The most important factor influencing the eventual outcome for your child as she or he grows up is not the kind of prosthesis, not the kind of surgery, if any, not even how early he or she was seen by an experienced team, or even the extent of your child's physical differences - It's your attitude toward the situation. If you can see all your child's abilities, see her as capable, emphasize all the things he can do - if you can look at them with or without a prosthesis, in or out of the bathtub - if you can consider then normal children who happen to have their differences, that is the picture of themselves they will grow up with. Love them, challenge them, applaud them and they will develop the self-esteem and self-confidence they need.[Clark, year-unknown]

Emily Perl Kingsley in Welcome to Holland
But ... if you spend your life mourning the fact that you didn't get to Italy, you many never be free to enjoy the very special, the very lovely things ... about Holland.