If you are new to PFFD - I recommend starting with the PFFD book

New book

I've decided that I would write another book. This one is for all new parents, grandparents, people in society who think that a person with limb differences of any kind will not be able to be a __________ .

We know differently...our children can do anything....beyond what we even believe!

For this book, I am thinking about "older" children...13 into adulthood.

I want to do photos again. And, it's important to me that my books are diverse in ethnicity, gender and ability.

Providing information

I am going to participate in a local rally that provides info on different disabilities and birth defects. My daughter has pffd and I was wondering if anyone could help me with what information I should provide. I appreciate all the help in advance. Thank you!

chiropractic care

To those of you who have kids with PFFD or have PFFD yourself, have you ever looked into chiropractic care as part of the treatment? I've been wondering about the impact to my daughter's spine with walking the way she does (she has a 3 inch leg difference) and if spinal adjustments would slightly decrease the leg length difference. Any thoughts?

Medical Insurance

Some of you might be interested in this information when choosing medical insurance. It is stuff that I have gathered from personal experience.

1. Doctor & Hospital: Decide who you think you want your child’s surgeon/doctor to be. Make sure that the insurance you choose lists that doctor and the hospital he/she works at as "in network".

Can't find a Fundraising Coordinaor

Hi everyone.

I'm really getting very frustrated as i'm trying my best to find a fundraiser who will be able to assist me in raising funds for Olivia's upcoming surgery, but no one seems to be qualified or have done anything like this before here in South Africa.

I really need to raise the money quickly and time is running out.

Next online Limb lengthening chat on March 11

Just a quick reminder that Dr. Standard, and often accompanied by Dr. Herzenberg, is conducting his regular chat on Thursday, March 11. The chats all start at 9:15PM EST (yes, night time, in order to allow familes to get home from work).

If you have never participated, or forgot the information, please contact me at vbrady (at) lifebridgehealth.org . And just a reminder that the doctors don't "push" lengthening at the chats. They are happy to talk about any treatments, but if you are interested in finding out about lengthening this is a good way to pick some very experienced brains.

Genetic link...If I have PFFD what are the chances I will pass it on?

Hi. My name is Aeryn and I'm 22 years old. I have been in a committed relationship for 2 years now and though I am not getting married or having children anytime soon I was wondering if anyone could give me information on the genetic ties of PFFD. I was born with PFFD in 1987, had four leg lengthening procedures, countless surgeries and my legs are the same length (as of July 2007). I have always been very scared that I will pass on PFFD to my children and have thus always wanted to adopt instead of taking the risk.



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